Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I got a call at 9:05am yesterday morning from the local police dept. Let me tell you if you want to be immedately awake have the police call and ask for you by name!! :0 I timidly said yes I am. He then goes on to tell me that our other house had been broken into sometime around 1am and then someone needed to go and file a report.

Thank-God there isn't too much damage. They went in after the copper and cut a 30' water line out. Not sure what spooked them but they had 1/2 of the electric box powered down and ready to strip the wiring but didn't get that far. They broke a window, took the 30' of copper pipe, and stole the apartment sized frig. They caused about $400 in damage for about $80 worth of stuff. No one ever accused criminals of being smart!

Today I'd like to take a piece of that copper pipe they stole and beat them about the head really good! GGGRRRRR!!! I just don't get why criminals will work 10x as hard as they would at a job for such a little bit of reward and chance their freedom? From what the police said they think these guys are responsible for a lot of the break-ins lately with the same type of copper thefts. For $80 they are probably looking at 5 years or more in the custody of the state of Ohio.

Oh yeah, they got caught and they have all of our stuff inpounded for now. I guess one of them tried to run and ended up running right into the front of another crusier and got his foot hit. I don't think they like them too much because they said something about them "trashing a cruiser" going after them? I'm sure they are the favorite inmates at the city jail! ;)