Friday, January 30, 2009

News Footage From 1981

As you all know I have had too much time online with my foot still in a cast. So I found this little ditty which just made me laugh. Now some of you are young enough that you might not appreciate it and others will not even have been born yet, but I assure you that in 1981 this was cutting edge. Now look closely at the video, see the rotary dial phone? Yep back then many homes still had them because Ma Bell charged you more for a push button. I still remember when we got our first push button phone. It was real cutting edge for a 12 yo to use and my friends had never used one before! LOL Can you imagine? Oh yeah, most of you probably won't remember Ma Bell either? *sigh* Perhaps I should write a little more about generation Jones and what we remember?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seriously Bored!

Ok so let's go back a few weeks. On Jan 2nd, I was going down the basement steps to unload the washing machine. I've done this probably who knows how many times, we have owned this house since 1986 soooooo. I have handful of hangers and am trying to get this done as fast as possible so as soon as Dh is home we can take off. It is about 2pm and I still need to get a few things done.

You know that feeling when you know something is about to happen and life goes into slow motion? Well that is what happened. I slipped off of the next to last step and went face first down onto the concrete. I really did it good this time. My right palm was bleeding, my left elbow ripped up, scratches on my back from hitting the doorway on the way down. I just kind of tried to shake it off until I noticed that my ankle was in much worse shape than the rest of me. My foot had slammed the last step and I had twisted my ankle badly. By the time I got back upstairs it was already swelling pretty bad and hurt like h*ll!

If I'd have been thinking clearly I'd have thought to put ice on it right then, but I didn't. Dh got home a little after 3pm and suggested it and also told me that I wasn't going anywhere. He went and did the errands instead. Then spent the rest of the night trying to talk me into going to the ER.

I don't know about you but unless I am dying there is no way I am going to the ER on a Friday night. To say it is not my crowd would be an understatement. Sorry I do not want to find myself in the middle of a disfunctional drunken family fued so I promised him that if it didn't feel better by Saturday monring I'd go.

Saturday morning I had a lovely shade of purple and green going on my ankle and it was about 3x bigger than the right one. Of course Dh started in about when we were going to the ER? After lunch I said I was ready just to get him to stop whining about it, I was sure I had just sprained my ankle badly.

Only took about 45 minutes to see a Dr which completely shocked me. I was sure I'd be there hours. We left here at 1pm and was home by 4:30pm which IMHO isn't too bad. Had a Dr who obiviously had been on duty way too long when he asked me if I "could feel his toes"....then quickly corrected himself and asked if mine were ok. LOL Sent me for an ankle and foot Xray and came back a little later and said he had good news my ankle was just sprained badly but that I had broke a bone in the top of my foot. :(

So was able to see the Ortho on that Tuesday and he gave me a lovely big shoe that has to be worn until the foot heals. My cats are scared to death of it and aren't too keen on the crutches either. I don't think I have ever sat so much in my life. I am so bored and ready for this to be over. I swear once this is done I will be standing for a month! I am not so good with the crutches, they make me feel like I am out of control so have been using my office chair alot to whiz around the house. The worst part is that I feel like a prisioner here. Our front porch has 6 steps to the ground and with the ice and snow this time of year aren't so good for manevering crutches. Whine whine :(

***Day 20 of captivity*** Life sucks and the TV is worse.