Thursday, October 01, 2009

What Happend to Summer?

Yikes! September snuck in and ran out way too fast. Had another birthday a few days ago and swoosh September is gone. The air has cooled overnight and the leaves are beginning to turn gold and red. It's beginning to feel like we are going to have a very cold hard winter. :(

Tomatoes and peppers came and went. I think we are going to completely strip the plants of fruit tonight before it ends up frosting for the first time. It is about 2 weeks early this year. I was hoping that it would stay warm enough to get the last of everything grown larger and ripe but it doesn't look like that is to be this year.

I bought a bunch of butternut squash and plant to cook that in the next few days and pack pint jars for the freezer. Can't have Thanksgiving come without having nearly fresh for pies. Hubby is already whinning about all of the frozen ripe bananas in the freezer and why I'm not baking with them. HMMM it's only been cool for a week and using the oven in summer kind of defeats the purpose of air conditioning, right? I'll let him whine for another day or two and then make him a few loaves of banana bread. I think he enjoys the crowd around his lunch box everday? LOL