Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hello World

Guess once again it's been longer than I intended it to be once again. Wish I could tell you it was because of some exciting thing but *sigh* I'm afraid it was not.

I had 50 strawberry plants last year that we planted. They all have had babies now and lord knows how many are out there now?! Hubby says at least 100 plants that are covered in little white flowers every where!! I am going to get strawberries this year! YIPPEE! I need to get some netting over them to keep the birds out of them. The deer will also want some and I might just have to camp out with the shotgun for them. ;) I need to find a good recipe for strawberry preserves. My hubby will think I am a goddess if I can do that! LOL

I also have about 30 2" high tomato plants. I bought heirloom seeds this year becuse I want to be able to harvest my own seeds and keep them year to year. All of these hybrid seeds being sold could one day cause a famine, I'd like to help keep things as they should be and do it now before the industrial farms find a way to keep heirloom seeds from being sold. Next year I will do green peppers and each year after that another vegetable. It's fairly simple to harvest your own seeds though it will be hard to want to not eat the best looking veggies!

So not much going on here except spring things. The weather has been beautiful! In the 65º-75ºf range everyday. :) Everything is budding now and green as green can be. It's really beautiful here in the spring with all of the rolling hills. My German friends always said "just like Germany except no castles". LOL AHHH spring!