Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wow long time since I've visited.Lots has happened and not all good. :( Let's see last May nearly on my anniversary I kept having a pain in my shoulder that wouldn't go away.It was more an annoyance than a pain, just achy and I couldn't get comfortable.After 3 days of no sleep I filly did what hubby suggested and went to the ER thinking they could just give me a cortisone shot and I'd be on my way....well did not work out that way.Thanks tot he nurse on duty who demanded they check my enzyme levels the informed me that I had had a heart attack.WHAT? I am not that old.... WHAT? I was admitted in to the hospital at about 6am and after seeing a whirlwind of doctors one after another I was taken in for a heart cath at 4pm that same day.They found 3 blockages one at 100% that caused the heart attack and 2 others in the 90%+ range.They kept me over the weekend and on Monday morning I went back in for a second cath so they could take care of the other 2 blockages.4 stents and 5 days later I was released feeling worse than when I arrived at the ER.I couldn't even bend to tie my shoe for days and days. My sweet hubby took a month off of work and did everything around here for us.I was not allowed to even leave the house for 5 days and to tell the truth I don't think I could've in those days even if I'd wanted to.It took everything I had just to stand for more than 10 minutes at a time.I am so happy to be back to my old self because hubby can grill like crazy but in the kitchen he has issues with waiting for things to be done so it is nice not to eat crunchy potatoes and overly rare meat.:( I understand why people die of heart attacks.They are not like anything I have been told.I expected them to be really painful more so than this was.My advice is that if something hurts in your upper body and it does not go away better safe than sorry go have it checked out.Your life could depend on it.