Sunday, April 12, 2009

This is Hilarious and Unfortunately too True

I just can't stop laughing because you just know if the government touches it it will happen like this!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Where is Spring?

Thought I should drop in and post. I seem to let too much time go between them. I kind of laugh about how excited new bloggers get about their blogs when I think back to 2004 when this place was new. Oh well....

Here it is April 1 already. YIKES where has 2009 gone? I spent the first 8 weeks of this year stuck here in the house. I do not recommend breaking anything you need to walk on! I think having one arm non usable was much easier than giving up being able to walk. Though I also don't recommed carpal tunnel surgery either unless you really need it! Better to just avoid injury in the first place.

We are having some really strange weather. It was 72ºf about 4 days ago then it was in the high 20's overnight last night. I fully expect sNOw anytime. Seriously this is like the never ending winter. With Mt Redoubt erupting for the past 2 weeks it is hard to tell if we will even get much summer this year. In 1980 when Mt St. Helens erupted the next summer rained and was very cool all season. I hope not but that is what happens when volcanoes erupt. Should calm down the global warming fanatics though because when volcanoes erupt they do cool the planet a lot!

So take care my friends, I miss you all. Am working on some things right now that should end up with me having my own website sometime soon. Already have the domain names etc just no content yet. I'll let you know when. :)