Sunday, February 28, 2010

Very Bad Week

Last Saturday we noticed that my oldest male kitty Rudy wasn't feeling very well. He just seemed listless and refused to eat.I kept him hydrated with water and a syringe and fed him leftover chicken and plain yogurt which he ate very little of.Monday we took him to the vet.Rudy has had a bad heart since he was about 3 years old and one of the medications he took for it can cause after years of use kidney failure.They tested him for that and we brought him home.On Tuesday they called with the bad news.We went back that afternoon and had him put down.I feel so bad and I miss him so much.He would've been 10 years old next month.I am heartbroken.He was my kitty,if I was in the chair he was in my lap.If I was in the kitche he was supervising.He was my retriver cat. He'd play until your arm felt like it would fall off.I sure am going to miss my boy.RIP Rudy March 15,2000-February 23,2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Blizzard of '10

OK this is starting to get ridiculous! It first sNOwed last Friday, I woke to the sound of it hitting the windows.It finally stopped sometime late Saturday night.We had about 8" of really wet sNOw.Sunday night it dropped to zero and all of that super wet sNOw froze into a solid mass.Moday the sun came out a little but it didn't get warm enough to melt anything.Tuesday morning I woke again to something hitting the windows this time it was sleet.It was 34ºf and it was just warm enough for the mix to fall.We got that for about an hour then it began to sNOw.No kidding the flakes were the size of half dollars.I don't remember ever seeing flakes that big.It did that most of the day and at times you couldn't see because there was so much.It slowed down sometime last night but never as really stopped for more than a few hours.There is probably a foot and a half of sNOw out there with part of it being a solid ice block.I am beginning to hate sNOw.As you can see by the way I'm writting sNOw what I really think of it.How long until spring?