Thursday, October 03, 2013

Well Remember When I said I wanted a New Kitten.....

Yes I really wanted a kitten in spring.Even dreamed about 2 little kittens one names Lily and the other May.Apparently I whined so much that hubby found me a brother and sister set and we picked them up the first weekend of June.Life has not been the same since then.LOL They were very cute babies that re now changing rapidly into beautiful grown ups that are still very kitty dumb.They are 23 weeks old now and next week go to the vet to be fixed.Anyway back to the zoo...... One day in late July hubby was coming home.Pulled into the drive way and caught a look under a car parked across the street and thought one of our kittens had got out and maybe I didn't notice. Ot popped this incredible tiny little creature crying at the top of her lungs.Where she came from we have no idea but she was bound determined that he was not going to ignore her.He walked back to the house with her following him.She was so small she couldn't make it up the steps and just cried and cried.He came in all huffy and told me she was out there.So out I went and found this very tiny little kitten way too young to be on her own.I took her out back and put her with the cats outdoors but knew she was too young to be out there without a Mom watching after her.I put her up with the food and water and she ate and ate.I got a look into her mouth and knew she wasn't very old.I came in did some talking, told him how few teeth she had, told him I didn't know if she'd survive if a raccoon came after her and then sent him up for kitten replacement milk. According to what I read online she was maybe 3 weeks old judging by how many teeth she had.She is now a goring 10 week old kitten who is very devoted to the guy who saved her. :) It's very cute how she follows him around and just waits for him to say anything to her. So here are a few photos of our zoo May, May and Murphy, Murphy and last but not least Lily

Thursday, April 11, 2013


It has ben beautiful here the past 4 days.Almost to the point of being too warm.It's hard to have it 40F one week and then the next it is 77º-80ºf.Have my fruit bushes budding and the veggies in the basement growing stronger by the day waiting until the chance of frost has passed and soon to go into the ground.I love this time of year.************ *********I really want a new kitten but hubby keeps saying no.My Cooper is going to be 10yo soon and I am starting to be afraid I will be without a kitty someday.I still have all of my girls outside.One of the Mom's is still with us and 4 of the kittens that were born but none of them are all that young either.Even though I still call them the "kittens" they were born in 2001 and are now 12 years old and the one Mom is 13.Not a bad age for outdoor cats but they have always had good care and were all fixed young so they don't roam much.I keep hoping one will just show up he can't turn down a kitten that just appears.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wow long time since I've visited.Lots has happened and not all good. :( Let's see last May nearly on my anniversary I kept having a pain in my shoulder that wouldn't go away.It was more an annoyance than a pain, just achy and I couldn't get comfortable.After 3 days of no sleep I filly did what hubby suggested and went to the ER thinking they could just give me a cortisone shot and I'd be on my way....well did not work out that way.Thanks tot he nurse on duty who demanded they check my enzyme levels the informed me that I had had a heart attack.WHAT? I am not that old.... WHAT? I was admitted in to the hospital at about 6am and after seeing a whirlwind of doctors one after another I was taken in for a heart cath at 4pm that same day.They found 3 blockages one at 100% that caused the heart attack and 2 others in the 90%+ range.They kept me over the weekend and on Monday morning I went back in for a second cath so they could take care of the other 2 blockages.4 stents and 5 days later I was released feeling worse than when I arrived at the ER.I couldn't even bend to tie my shoe for days and days. My sweet hubby took a month off of work and did everything around here for us.I was not allowed to even leave the house for 5 days and to tell the truth I don't think I could've in those days even if I'd wanted to.It took everything I had just to stand for more than 10 minutes at a time.I am so happy to be back to my old self because hubby can grill like crazy but in the kitchen he has issues with waiting for things to be done so it is nice not to eat crunchy potatoes and overly rare meat.:( I understand why people die of heart attacks.They are not like anything I have been told.I expected them to be really painful more so than this was.My advice is that if something hurts in your upper body and it does not go away better safe than sorry go have it checked out.Your life could depend on it.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Independance day!

"We the People of the United States,in order to form a more perfect Union,establish Justice,insure domestic Tranquility,provide for the common defence,promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,do ordain and establish this Constitution for The UNited States of America"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scary Storm last Night!

YIKES! From a beautiful 84ºf day filled with blue skies and puffy clouds to whatever hit last night.We were sitting here on the computers enjoying the A/C and I heard the wind just whip up from nothing to what sounded like gail force winds.I told hubby he needed to take his headphones off and listen and just as he did the tornado sirens began to wail at the fire station that is about 2 miles away.I honestly have never heard them before outside of the weekly tests they do on Wednsday mornings during the spring.We just kind of looked at each other and began dashing around grabbing things we knew we needed.We decided last night that we are not ready for a real need to get to the basement and that perhaps during this time of year some things should already be stashed down there atleast until July when the season will be pretty much over.By the time we had everything we thought we needed together the sirens had stopped.It was a major wake up call though.Try imagining having 5 mintues to grab whatever you think you need for the rest of your life because the rest may be miles away once the wind stops.....

Monday, May 02, 2011

25 Years Ago Today....

I married my best friend in the world. I first met him when I was 8 yo and he helped me put on my ice skates that I was having trouble with. We laugh now that G*d kept throwing us together every few years growing up that we should've know something was planned. He also gave me my first kiss at 14yo when we were both hanging out at the same place. My friends wanted to go somewhere else and his Dad would not allow him to leave with 3 girls. I came back later and looked for him but he was gone. :( When I was 18 we met again and dated for about 2 years. I was madly in love and he wasn't ready to give up his freedom. So after listening to him proclaim how he was glad he was single I met someone else and left town. He says now that he really didn't mean it and that I broke his heart when I left.Four years later I returned home and after my Mom telling me I should gie him a call I did. We haven't been a part since. So happy 25th anniversary to the love of my life.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


I'm beginning to look like a weather person? LOL Anyway 2 weeks ago it turned 70ºf and everyone thought winter was over.Very cruel trick was played on us when one morning we woke to new sNOw and another week of cold temps.I'm almost afraid to believe it is the end of this very long winter....

My niece graduated college a semester early.Not only is she beautiful she's pretty smart too.I'm not biaed at all am I?I think she is a little sad though as his is the end of her cheerleading unless she wanted to go pro.She is still working as one wth a company that throws cheerleading clinics across the country.She's 22 yo and being flown all over the country for 4 days at a time to teach Jr High High School and university cheerleaders new routines.Then there is my youngest niece who will soon turn 15 and was already invited to her first prom.Did I mention I come from a long line of females who were/are drop dead gorgeous.Yikes her Daddy has already got the shotgun ready. One cousin's daughter just cheered at the ProBowl 1/2 time show and another is competing for Miss Utah.

I'm thinking of doing the big family reunion this year in West Virginia.Back to the little town my Grandma is from,each year for the past probably 40 years has had the whole family back.My Mother has 59 first cousins so you can imagine how many of us there are.If you've ever saw the movie "Next of Kin" it reminds me of how my family is. I think we've entended into nearly every state and a few other countires but all of us are called back to that little town in WV that isn't even on maps anymore....Guardian.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


It seems like forever since I've stopped in.Not many of my old blog friends still around anymore so unless I plan to talk to myself....

Lets see I am offically old now after my birthday in September.Took weeks to finally say the words out loud and then just yesterday in a phone survey they asked if I were under or over....YIKES I've moved age groups.HOLY cr@p I didn't realize that.Now I'm bummed out again. :(

Crops came and went.Am busy harvesting saffron the past few weeks.Every day I go out and have 10 more flowers to pick.Will have lots of saffron to use this year. :) Today I noticed that the air is truly smelling like fall.*sigh* winter will be closing in soon. Time marches on and on.

We are all just a little freaked out in the family.In just one week my niece turned 22 and my nephew decided to move out of his parent's home now that he is full time employed and almost 19.Gosh I remember the day he was born wasn't that just last year....?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Duck Duct Tape Festival

The miracle tape in the world is made in Avon Ohio. That's right Duck's duct tape is made there. This weekend is their festival. The above photo is one of the prom outfits from this year's contest. Check the link for more and an opportunity to vote for your favorite.

What creativity!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June Already?

Yikes guess it has been a while since I posted? I just can't believe it is June already. Honeysuckle here is heavy in the air and in the mornings it smells like heaven must. Strawberries are now at nearly a quart a day so I have to get busy and get the dehyrator going. Looks like we are also going to get a fair sized Raspberry harvest this year and then shortly after that some of my blueberry plants looks like I am goijng to get more than just a handful, this year. You can't imagine how happy that makes me. Now if my kiwi plants will only cooperate this year? So far this is their 3rd year and no fruit yet. I added 3 more female plants this year so I know they won't have any fruit but the other female should. I'm starting to wonder if they may have identified one as a male when it wasn't? If they don't fruit this year I think I'll buy another male and see if that makes a difference? Happy June everyone!