Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scary Storm last Night!

YIKES! From a beautiful 84ºf day filled with blue skies and puffy clouds to whatever hit last night.We were sitting here on the computers enjoying the A/C and I heard the wind just whip up from nothing to what sounded like gail force winds.I told hubby he needed to take his headphones off and listen and just as he did the tornado sirens began to wail at the fire station that is about 2 miles away.I honestly have never heard them before outside of the weekly tests they do on Wednsday mornings during the spring.We just kind of looked at each other and began dashing around grabbing things we knew we needed.We decided last night that we are not ready for a real need to get to the basement and that perhaps during this time of year some things should already be stashed down there atleast until July when the season will be pretty much over.By the time we had everything we thought we needed together the sirens had stopped.It was a major wake up call though.Try imagining having 5 mintues to grab whatever you think you need for the rest of your life because the rest may be miles away once the wind stops.....

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