Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Time Flies!

I can't believe it has been over a month since my last post. Sorry about that! I had no idea time was flying that fast.

Let's see....we had a huge snowstorm about 2 weeks ago on Friday. I haven't seen that much snow since '77 & '78 and those were called blizzards. Here are a few photos taken the next day. The one is the front yard and the other is the backyard. It doesn't look as bad as what it really was, we had 20" of snow along with 25mph winds that drifted it everywhere. So now I've had my fill of winter, spring can show up anytime!!
Out the front


That's all for now. I will try to be better about stopping in here.


Ms. Baker said...

Aaaahh snow! I look at that and want to cry because I am dreaming of and terribly miss skiing in Maine and Vermont...

Christina, I know you are fed up of it, but its 90 degrees here already in Kuwait...I put away all my warm clothes, coats and sweaters this morning after being in denial about Winter being over for the past few weeks.

Send us some of your snow please, we could use it LOOL!

BTW Did the storms ruin any of your early spring flowers or shoots?

Love the pictures, looking forward to ones of your garden when everything blooms soon (hint hint) ;)

Jewaira said...

Happy Easter Christina

Enjoy the snow...

We are warming up here to a slow bake for the rest of the summer
with electricity and water shortages forecast :p

christina/ohio said...

MsB if I could've sent the whole 20" I promise you I would've! ;) It's hard to beleive that it is already that warm in your area of the world when it is still so chilly here. All the further the garden has got this year is that we hav bought some seeds and stuff to get the plants started indoors. Mid May is our offical frost date so depending on the weather we are atleast 5-6 weeks away from any planting.

Electric and water shortages are not a good thing to deal with. Water especially but with it being so hot in your area of the world the heat can be dangerous too. Really makes you wonder how people ever survived before air conditioning! Thanks for the happy wishes. :)