Friday, April 02, 2010


The question mark is because I'm afraid to hope that after this very long winter that it is finally here. Yesterday it hit 78ºf and today is to be over 80ºf. Now I know that this won't last and we will be back to several weeks of wet weather with little sunshine but this is really wonderful having this little taste of what is to come. :)

We have been busy getting our veggie garden started. We start our own from seed so all of the little greenhouses were being set up and planted over the past week. I think we only have 2 more to go. Last count we had over 200 plants. We won't use them all only the best ones the rest can be given to whoever wants them. This year 90% of my plants are heirlooms and some of them are from seeds I saved last year. Mother of the earth I am! LOL

Just as soon as the fallen branch is completely out of our garden spot we can start tilling on the nicer days. One of our neighbors for the second year in a row allowed their tree to fall into our yard and then just left it lay there with no comment about helping take care of it. Oh well it gave hubby a good excuse last year to buy a chain saw. It's just a PITA to have to take care of things that shouldn't be our problem. Hubby says the big part that is on the fence will be left in as big a piece as possible and left on their side of the fence. Hopefully if more of the dead tree falls it will stay in their yard, not much left on this side of the tree.Neighbors *sigh*

I really can't wait until my neighbor's house next door looks like a dollhouse from mine! That is the way it will be once we are able to move out onto our land. If we ever get to do that, with the economy the way it is I'd rather sit tight and see what happens. It isn't eating anything and the taxes since it is undeveloped land aren't too much a year so we'll just wait and watch.

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