Thursday, November 15, 2007


Rudy and Coopurr


Hi everyone! I'm still alive and fine. I miss this place terribly even though I have no idea what to write....? I know what I wsh I could tell you all about but since it isn't exactly my story and isn't quite settled yet I can't. Someday I promise I will have an interesting tale to tell. :)

Not any changes here, life is still the same for me, which is good no complaints! I now have a shinny grey MacBookPro that I love. A new camera which has way too many buttons and I hate instruction books, Thank-God it can act like a point and shoot! Of course, now my cats hide as soon as they hear the ZZZZZZ sound it makes when it comes on. LOL I'll share a few of my photos I took during the summer.

Well, that is all for now! See ya all soon!


The Don ® said...

I'm glad for the update, does that mean you are back here now??

christina/ohio said...

Yep! I'm back.

I read your post at JB's. Where are you moving to? How exciting for you. Sorry to hear about the bikes though. You will always be a biker at heart though it never leaves once you have it. :)