Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Most Wonderful Weekend

I just had the best weekend ever! I sent hubby off with his best friend to the races and spent the whole weekend by myself without a single thing to do except whatever I wanted to do. Now to some of you this will sound extremely boring but to those of us who have homes and others to take care of, you know what I'm talking about! :)

Sweet man called twice a day to make sure I was ok. Or maybe just to make sure I was home? ;) Whatever it was nice that he was so concerned. I think he gets afraid sometimes that I might like it too much on my own? I always tell him that I do remember what it was like being single and I have no intention of being that way willingly again.

So I ate out of the fridge, slept in the center of the bed, watched chick flicks and the whole series of VH1's "the 80's". Stayed up as late as I wanted to....well more like able to ;). It was really nice to just not have anything to worry about. I just had a wonderful weekend all for me. :D

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Jewaira said...

I love that "me" time. It is temporary and you enjoy the feeling of no ties.