Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm Still Alive

I have been gone for so long no one probably even stops in anymore? I haven't forgot the place just have been really busy and very occupied. I know I keep telling you that some day I will have a story to tell, well it just keeps getting more and more complicated. Can't really say much more about it right now.

We are buying new bicycles. I'd tell you what brand it is but I don't know. Something Italian that the guys are all swooning over. LOL I only asked why it cost 4X what Walmart wanted and got waved off. I'll be lucky to make it up and down the street twice before I collaspe. I am out of shape. I just know hubby will try to prove how much better shape he is in, guess I'd better get the Ben-Gay ready. :) He hates the stuff says it makes him smell old....I tell him he is old. ;)

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Jewaira said...

Hello Christina :)
Happy biking...