Tuesday, June 01, 2010

June Already?

Yikes guess it has been a while since I posted? I just can't believe it is June already. Honeysuckle here is heavy in the air and in the mornings it smells like heaven must. Strawberries are now at nearly a quart a day so I have to get busy and get the dehyrator going. Looks like we are also going to get a fair sized Raspberry harvest this year and then shortly after that some of my blueberry plants looks like I am goijng to get more than just a handful, this year. You can't imagine how happy that makes me. Now if my kiwi plants will only cooperate this year? So far this is their 3rd year and no fruit yet. I added 3 more female plants this year so I know they won't have any fruit but the other female should. I'm starting to wonder if they may have identified one as a male when it wasn't? If they don't fruit this year I think I'll buy another male and see if that makes a difference? Happy June everyone!

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Jewaira said...

berries sound yummy!