Sunday, February 08, 2009


On Friday I decided to give it a try and see how my foot reacted to walking on it . I am happy to report that I can walk on it again. I'm still using the crutches so that I don't over stress it but I have been going into the kitchen where I have a counter in front of me to hold onto just incase and walking back and forth when I am in there. It was 5 weeks last Friday that I fell down the steps and did this to myself.

Now for the vain part. My broken foot looks bigger than my non broken foot and it drives me crazy. I am hoping I get my matched set back eventually. People have always made remarks about how dainty my feet look so the vain in me doesn't want one Flintstone's foot and a dainty one to go with it. :( I know it's silly but it really has been bugging me. Hubby assures me that by summer when anyone else would see it it will be ok.

I made dinner last night all by myself and it was wonderful! :)

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