Monday, February 02, 2009

Ice Storm of '09

It seems that few people worldwide or even nationwide are paying much attention to what is happening here in the midwest. So far 42 people have froze to death over the past 8 days and so far zero help from the federal government. Yesterday the Govenor of Kentucky was sent all of the Ohio National Guard's Humvees to try to start getting to the out of the way places where there is zero heat and power in sub zero temps. We would've sent them sooner except we had out own outages and people stuck in the out of the way places in SE and SW Ohio. Two of our local schools set up shelters for those who were without power. One night over the weekend it got down to -10ºf.

I'm really really angry right now. After listening to the media and what they did with Katrina and Fema when they were on site within 3 days and here we are OVER a week out and still not a finger lifted from the federal governement? Not a peep from Obama? Yeah, he threw a Superbowl party instead, ate wagyu-steak, and turned the temp up in the oval office to 72ºf while 42 people in the midwest froze to death because they were stuck where they were because no one sent plows in to help dig them out. Might I point out that it was 80ºf when Katrina happened, not -10ºf! There is growing fear that the 42 will grow as soon as the NG can get house to house. I'd imagine we will find whole families dead trying to stay warm.


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